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Crimson Landscape

Founded in 2014, Crimson Landscape, a Disabled Veteran Owned Business, proudly stands as a landscape design and construction company based in Richardson, TX. Specializing in crafting and installing stunning landscapes and outdoor living spaces, our expertise caters to both residential and commercial properties. Crimson Landscape prides itself on being a comprehensive solution for all your landscape construction requirements. With extensive experience and a strong commitment to crafting exquisite outdoor environments, we are the preferred partner for all your landscape and outdoor living needs.

Meet the Owner

Clint Pingleton, the Owner and President of Crimson Landscape, boasts a proven track record of success with over 10-years of expertise in the landscape construction industry. He has been involved in all phases of the construction process, starting from lawn maintenance and progressing to become a skilled landscaper and principal designer at Crimson Landscape. With extensive hands-on experience, Clint now oversees the meticulous details of landscape and commercial projects ranging from $5,000 to $750,000. His family has been deeply entrenched in the construction industry in the Dallas area since the early 1900s. Notably, his great-grandfather, Daniel Pingleton, founded a concrete company in McKinney in the 1930s.

Clint, a former US Army Paratrooper and combat veteran, has been happily married to his wife for two decades. Clint met his wife Heidi, also a soldier, in Mosul, Iraq in 2003.  Together, they have three children, two dogs, and sponsor a foreign exchange student from Norway.  His eldest son, Bryce, is carrying on the family tradition as a US Army paratrooper serving in the 82nd Airborne Division.

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About Us

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A Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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The "why"

Our goal is to create so YOUR family can enjoy. 
Concrete Wall

Is your project in another part of the Dallas area?  Here are the primary cities we provide services. 

Dallas, TXPlano, TX Richardson, TX

Allen, TX  | Carrollton, TX  |  Farmers Branch, TX  

Frisco, TX Garland, TX  |  Lucas, TX  |  McKinney, TX  | 

Murphy, TX  |  Rowlett, TX  |  Wylie, TX  

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